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Auto Charger Auto Jump Starter This portable Jump Starter provides security and peace of mind knowing you won’t be left stranded with a dead battery and delivers power to your mobile devices. • Battery capacity: 7000 mAhAuto Jump Starter • 450 AMPS peak current • Jump start up to 24 times* • 10-levels of safety protection • Integrated flashlight with 3 modes: remain constant on / flashing / strobe • Compact, lightweight and portable • Powered by eco-friendly green battery (Lithium Polymer) High Starting Current Suitable for Gasoline Engines with 4, 6 and 8 CylinderAuto Jump Starter3 Car Ignition Range: 300A ~ 450A (Peak Current) Starting Current @350A-1s @250A-3s Tested Car Models: Gasoline Engine : 6.8L (8 Cylinders) Diesel Engine: 2.5L (4 Cylinders)
available in either black or yellow
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